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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One year old

Brand Mix is one year old today! 245 posts. Not bad. Some of my favorite posts from Year One:

1) Trouble in Paradise: The very first post about Fiji water. The challenges of the bottled water industry facing a eco-led consumer backlash became a frequent topic through the year.

2) Hertz values (mostly) represented by LAX bus driver: This was one time when I was really happy that I had a blog to be able to relay the unfortunate opinions of a Hertz bus driver.

3) Choice of beverages: The difference between Coke and Sprite as heard on a plane flight.

4) Now it's Greenpeace's turn to attack the Dove: This was the last of a series of posts about the flak that Dove received this year for its "Campaign For Real Beauty."

5) UK supermarkets: A trip down memory lane: My top-ten UK brands based on "resonation power"

Bonus picture of the year: Create your reality

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Chris Wilson said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary!

Where's the cake?

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