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Friday, February 22, 2008

Hertz values (mostly) represented by LAX bus driver

Hertz has a rather typical and bland mission statement on its website. "Our mission is to be the most customer focused, cost efficient.....shared-value culture of.... strategic investments in...."
It also has a list of aspirational values such as: passion, integrity, accountability, transparency, commitment, teamwork.

So, it was refreshing to hear a Hertz driver at LAX trying his best to live up to those values by making the following announcement (as best I could record in my note book) to his passengers as they got on his bus:

"Several of you have complained about the long wait for this bus. I'm sorry about the service. I admit it was pretty disgusting. When the new management took over the company, they made lots of changes. They fired 15 drivers. They took the customer complaint cards off the buses. They just don't care about you. Or about us. Welcome to LA!"

Let's see: Passion: check. Integrity: check. Accountability: check. Transparency: Definitely. Big check. So, a little bit of work to do on teamwork but otherwise more or less perfect.


BIG said...

Dude, thanks for the laugh this morning. He's a great brand ambassador.

My wife has a friend who just started a new job. The company discourages vacations and asks that all employee's eat lunch at their desk (lunch can't go over 30 minutes). Then they asked all employee's to sign a waiver saying that they would give up
lunch and be paid time and a half instead.

Sounds like a fun place to work huh?

Martin Bishop said...

It would be great if you were trying to diet!

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