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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A brand is not a logo (Part 2)

Only last week I posted about how the Mongols, a motorcycle gang from Los Angeles, was prepared to fight both the Hells Angels and the even more fearsome U.S. Attorney's office for the right to wear their signature patch. People have died over this.

So, although I agree with Seth Godin and Oliver Blanchard when they repeat the mantra that "a brand is not a logo," I can't leap with them to the conclusion that logo design has little to no value. Seth says: "Smart marketers understand that a new logo can't possibly increase your market share." Can't possibly?

There are a couple of reasons that logo redesign makes more sense for Pepsi than the average brand. The first is its packaging is everywhere and people see it all the time. Pepsi talks to consumers through this medium. The second is that Pepsi positions itself against Coke as being more contemporary, more dynamic, more what they once described as the "choice of a new generation." Updating, renovating and changing things helps them show that they are staying one step ahead.

Whether the new logo succeeds or not is a different question. Here's the before and after:
(via brandXpress)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Unfortunate Logos #1

Logo reflecting a new, aggressive attitude towards customer service (as seen on Dave Barry's blog).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Spirit in the Sky

Somehow, for my 4-year old daughter, the Warner Bros logo has become an evil spirit called "Too Loud".

She can't sleep in her own bed anymore because "Too Loud" comes after her in her dreams.

"Too Loud" lives in the sky (as you can clearly see from the logo) and also introduces some of her favorite children's videos (which doesn't bother her at all)

We have started a gentle campaign to discredit "Too Loud". No success so far.

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