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Thursday, June 26, 2008

UK supermarkets: A trip down memory lane

It's 20 years since I lived in the UK so my memories of growing up here (I'm visiting at the moment) are largely uncorrupted by the intervening years. I visited the local Sainsburys yesterday and the food products and brands that caught my eye were all the ones that are still around, still resonated with me but which have never made it to the U.S. (in any significant way).

The top 10 rated in terms of resonation power:
1. Anchor Butter
2. Ribena
3. Heinz Baked Beans
4. Robinsons Barley Water
5. Bisto (gravy)
6. Lyle's Golden Syrup
7. Walker's Crisps
8. McVities Digestives (and the Jaffa Cakes too)
9. Bird's (custard)
10. Cadbury's Fingers (and chocolate)

Looking at the list I can see a) what a healthy diet I had and b) that the nostalgia factor is driven by specific branded products (rather than the brand per se).

A dishonorable mention to: Shredded Wheat. As I saw that product on the shelf, the words of one of the ads I most hated growing up came floating back to me: "There are two men in my life--to one I'm a mother, the other I'm a wife--something something something Shredded Wheat." The boycott continues. (Luckily I don't like the product that much anyway).


Richard Band said... marmite?

I'm in a similar boat - it's been 14 years since I lived there. On my last trip I was less struck by the quality at the supermarkets and more impressed by the freshness and innovation of sandwich/lunch chains that just seemed very different to anything in North America - I'm talking specifically about places like Leon, Eat, Pret a Manger (they're in NY, but that doesn't really count). M&S food was also pretty amazing - especially at their excellent food-only shops in London.

Anonymous said...

No Maynard's Wine Gums?

David G said...

"And I give them both the best - they eat natural shredded wheat"

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