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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome Seth Godin to Brand Mix

I'm pleased to welcome Seth Godin to Brand Mix today. He's here for the third stop on the Post2Post Virtual Book Tour to talk about his new book Meatball Sundae.

Here are the other stops on the tour to catch up with the discussion so far or to bookmark for discussion yet to come:

Mon, Jan 14 - Brand Autopsy Summary, Sound-bites, and Silly stuff John Moore
Tue, Jan 15 - Make It Great! A podcast with Phil Gerbyshak
Wed, Jan 16 - Right here, right now
Thur, Jan 17 - SpinningSilk MultiMedia Blog Patrick Greer
Fri, Jan 18 - 800-CEO-READ Daily Blog Todd Satterson

Leading up to today's visit, I've been posting some thoughts provoked by reading the book, most of which came from the 14 trends that Seth identifies as driving the new world of marketing. Here's a summary of those earlier posts:

Thought #1: The consumer's voice It's louder than it used to be and how I used mine
Thought #2: Get your story straight - How Circuit City didn't
Thought #3: Blogs - An example of local government getting in on the act
Thought #4: The role of innovation - A lifeline for big companies?

And now for the questions....


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