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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meme of the Week: The dueling Gap logos

The new Gap logo is not getting much love from the design community. As Advertising Age says: "Detractors have been picking apart the new look, with the most common sentiment being that it looks like something a child created using a clip-art gallery."

My job is not to join the debate but rather point you to the dueling tweets, one representing the new logo (@gaplogo) and one, the old logo (@oldgaplogo). (For all I know it may be the same person.) Twitter is perfect for this kind of show:

Best of @oldgaplogo:
  • (Profile) I have feelings, too. Jerks.
  • This is what happens when you take a company field trip to a screening of Helvetica. Damn you Gary Hustwit!
  • @ I think I'm worth at least a D-.
  • What I need right now is someone to go on YouTube and defend me in a video. Heavy eye-shadow is optional. Uncontrollable sobbing is a must.
Best of @oldgaplogo
  • Hey @ I hear Milt Glaser is on his way over with the ghost of Paul Rand to kick your ass.
  • Look at your new logo. Now back at me. Now back at your new logo. Sadly he is not me.
  • Help...i've been taken hostage. Everything is dark and I don't know where I am.
The Gap itself is staying out of it. No official press release and no comment about all this noise either.


Simon Gornick said...

It's bold of The Gap to go with a minimalist helvetica approach. Not too sure what the blue box signifies but the overall seems pretty good to me, if somewhat generic. Not sure that American Apparel are going to be thrilled though.

Martin Bishop said...

Simon: Brave of you not to be anything other than vitriolic. I must say that I think the new logo looks better than the old logo, as a Twitter icon.

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