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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brands in the News: Breakaway brands of 2010

The results of Landor's 2010 Breakaway Brands study are in and, as usual, there are some brands on the list that are no surprise (Facebook) and others that are a bit more scratch-your-heady (Clif Bar at #1?). Hayes Roth, Landor's CMO, provides a full report (here) on the brands that made the top 10.

As far as an overall evaluation, the list suggests that the brands that have done well are those that have managed to convey a return to simplicity and personal connections. As Hayes says
When the future appears uncertain, people tend to gravitate toward what’s truly important in life—the basics we believe will endure and sustain us. This year’s Top 10 Breakaway Brands met our fundamental needs while making our increasingly complex lives easier and more enjoyable. Through the worst of a global financial crisis when our wallets were thinner and our psyches fearful of superfluous spending, these brands found their way into our lives and earned our respect and loyalty.

Brands that help us spend quality time, make joyful memories with family and friends, and otherwise connect us to each other are prevalent on the 2010 list. Maintaining health and happiness took precedence over flashiness and fashion—these are brands that served us, versus helping us show off. We embraced brands that felt honest and authentic with recognizable, relevant personalities. We sought comfort, and these brands assisted us in that quest.
Note: The top breakaway brands are the ones that have grown the most in brand strength over the past three years, as measured by BrandAsset® Valuator.

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