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Monday, March 17, 2008

Virtual Book Tour #3: "The Back of the Napkin"

The third Post2Post Virtual Book tour, where an author moves with their book from site to site over the period of a week, is now underway. This month's book is The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam.

Dan's book explores the use of visual thinking to work through complex business ideas, not just on the back of the napkin although that, for him, is where it all started. In addition to his book, Dan has a blog, The Digital Roam, aka The Back of the Napkin.

The tour stops are:
Principled Innovation Blog Jeff De Cagna (Mon, Mar 17)
Center for Graphic Facilitation Peter Durand (Tue, Mar 18)
Design Crush Kelly Beall (Wed, Mar 19)
The Paddlewheel Chris McCrory (Thur, Mar 20)
Pureplay Keith Bohanna (Fri, Mar 21)

The Post2Post Book Tour was set up and is organized by Paul Williams who writes: The Idea Sandbox. For my interview with Seth Godin in the first of these tours, link here.

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