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Monday, March 17, 2008

Going green (this St. Patricks Day)

On the lookout for green stories this St. Patrick's Day. So far (as of me arriving at SFO for a flight to the city perhaps least associated with green, Detroit):

1) (NPR) The opening of the Green Exchange, a carbon trading exchange in NY. The U.S. is miles behind Europe and trying to catch up.
2) (NPR) The city has banned garbage disposers which has many residents (and Incinerator, the lading manufacturer) up in arms.
3) (WSJ) Lighting is the new, hot green business attracting Private Equity funding.

Update: (after more reading opportunities on my flight):

4) (The Economist) First ad and last ad both "green" (and both from companies speaking at The Economist Marketing Conference). Chevron's Human Energy ad inside the front cover continues that company's dialogue with the public about issues related to the demand for energy. Backpage taken by Dell talking about how to slash energy consumption up to 45% with energy efficient Dell solutions
5) (The Economist) Under the headline: "Hot Air - the revolution that wasn't," The Economist describes Britain's latest budget (which sets tax and economic policy for the year ahead) as failing to live up to its green promises. The problem is that taxes on energy use are a tough sell when fuel costs are already going through the roof.
6) (Time) The #1 idea that is changing the world, according to Time, is the idea of "Common Wealth" - that the need for global solutions and sustainable development will "render passé the very idea of competing nation-states that scramble for markets, power and resources"

Finally, before I go off and have a Guinness to enjoy the real spirit of the day, I couldn't help but notice the line of Hummers given pride of place by Hertz at its rental facility here in Detroit. Still some work to do on the green front, I guess.

1) NPR Morning Edition: March 17th
2) Wall Street Journal: March 17th
3) The Economist: March 15th - 21st
4) Time: March 24th

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