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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Best Buy, Worst After Sales?

Raelyn Campbell has sued best Best Buy for $54 million for losing her laptop and most people, at least those reading the Yahoo! Tech blog think she's right.

Raelyn took her laptop in for repair and never saw it again. After hounding the company for months, they finally admitted they lost it. Then they offered her $900 for losing the machine (as a gift card). That wasn't even the replacement cost of the machine itself let alone the installed software. She asked for $2,100 and they just ignored her so then she sued for $54 million.

I really don't like lawsuits like this. But, on the other hand, as a fellow victim of what one commenter on the post called Best Buy's "depraved indifference" to customer service after the sale, I feel like cheering her on. 86% of people answering the Yahoo! Tech Blog's poll attached to the post voted for: "She's right. Time to make the corporate bully pay."

Certainly looks like time to tweak the approach to customer service.

1) "Best Buy Loses Laptop: Owner Sues... for $54 Million": Christopher Null at Yahoo! tech

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