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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good enough to share: Week 8, 2008

If I had time enough to read, there would be more good enough to share. Here's this week's shorter than usual list of interesting and entertaining blogs:

1) Fawlty Towers Radical Chic: Boing Boing
Only funny to those who ever watched the Fawlty Towers series. Manuel as Che.

2) The joy of looking at the Ballantine's Ale logo: Boing Boing
Those Borromean rings could really get to you after a couple of pints.

3) Ambphibian ancestors gave us the hiccups: Boing Boing
Well the Ballantine's beer may have also helped (and led to the spelling mistake). A review of "Your Inner Fish" by Neil Shubin.

4) Antiques Roadshow: Grant McCracken
Grant investigates what makes the Roadshow "compulsively watchable."

5) Bottled water is the enemy: Freakonomics
Ken Livingstone (aka, in past times, as Red Ken) is Mayor of London and is trying to get its citizens to stop drinking bottled water. Arguments for and against in the comments. I've written about the bottled water backlash several times. For example, in the post: Water woes.

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