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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What do you mean that camera doesn't automatically add your location?

The W Mexico City (An Instagram photo)
While I'm in a change-is-happening-faster-and-faster way of thinking after my chat with Daniel Burrus earlier this week, here's a quick example.

I've been enjoying using Instagram. It's a photo sharing iPhone app that includes some filters for you to jazz up your crap photos and make them look artsy. It also allows you to share your location by picking from a list of nearby places. When I was in Mexico City recently, I started to use this feature just to add a location to my photograph so I had a record of where I was for each photo. Surely it's only a matter of time before all smart phone cameras will include this functionality? Another example of something you didn't know you wanted becoming a necessity that you can't live without.

So, not only does my poor old digital camera have to justify the extra space it takes up in my bag vs. my iPhone camera (which it might do on the basis of slightly better quality pictures), it now has to overcome the fact that it's not wifi connected and won't ever be able to tell me where I am and what places are nearby.

If I was a manufacturer of lower-end digital cameras I'd be worried. The end for that end of the market may be very near.


Brand Experience said...

Digital cameras are definitely on the path to extinction, as well as GPS navigation devices, due to the iPhone/Android's superb capabilities.

superbritt said...

totally agree. my digital point-and-shoot died a year ago and i've been using my iphone ever since b/c it's always with me + uploading to fb is a snap.

Anonymous said...

"Digital cameras are definitely on the path to extinction"... Really>

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