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Saturday, February 5, 2011

SOTB Super Bowl 2011: Your guide to watching the ads, not the game

Super Bowl XLV: An iconic symbol for a world-class event (Landor)

Time to watch some ads. While two teams I dislike equally battle it out on the field; cars, beers, movies, sodas and GoDaddy will be competing for attention and praise. This year, some companies have decided to jump the gun and have released their ads ahead of time. I4U has a rundown of all the ads and links to the ones that have been pre-released. (It's also set up its Super Bowl for Geeks Guide to cover all the news about the ads.) A couple of the notable pre-releases:

1) VW The Force

2) HomeAway: Test Baby (This one may generate some heated commentary.)

This pre-release of some of the ads means that armchair judging can already begin:

3) Brand Bowl 2011: Mullen and Radian6 have teamed up again to give us a way of ranking all the commercials. In last year's bowl, Doritos beat out Google for the top spot. Doritos is back this year with another fan-made ad and will be hoping for a repeat.

4) The Super Bowl Ads You Can't Miss: Forbes
Forbes interviewed a panel of experts (CMOs, creative directors and marketing professors) for their top picks. Most anticipated include:  Snickers (featuring Roseanne Barr this year, not Betty White), Best Buy (the unlikely pairing of Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne), GM which has a whole bunch of ads including one for the Volt and which is bringing back its monkeys.

5) Top 5 Social Media Game Plans for Super Bowl Advertisers: Mashable
As Todd Wasserman points out, social media offers an opportunity to improve the ROI of an ad spot. He outlines five ways companies have been leveraging social media from the ultra basic approach of posting their ads on YouTube to the more ambitious approach adopted by Kia which has devised an online puzzle that can only be solved by finding clues buried in each of its ads.

6) Puppy Bowl VII: Animal Planet
Hate football, love puppies? The tune into Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl VII. Two hours of cute with kittens also performing in the Bissell Kitty Half Time show.


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