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Friday, February 4, 2011

Meme of the Week: Kenneth Cole puts his shoe in his mouth

Oh, Kenneth! It must have seemed so drole and au courant in those few seconds it took to compose and send your tweet connecting the turmoil in Egypt with your new spring collection. Perhaps a few more seconds thought might have led to second thoughts.

But the cat was out of the bag and the Twittersphere was quick to judge and react. A short time later @KennethColePR was up and running, parodying the original tweet with some variations on the theme like:

"Locked in Charlie Sheen's closet? Tweet how many pairs of Coles he has!" and "People from New Orleans are flooding into Kenneth Cole stores!"

The apology eventually came but, by that time, people were having way too much fun to listen or care. Lessons: 1) Think before you tweet 2) Take ownership of  your PR suffix 3) What people think is funny depends on context. While people condemned the original tweet for its crass attempt to market against a revolution-in-progress, those same people were completely OK with really outrageous tweets from @KennethColePR under its protective parody shield. You have to have a sense of who you are and how far you have permission to go.

For more on this story, read here


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