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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brands in the News: POM Wonderful and Sun Chips

Two brands in the news today:

1) POM Wonderful vs the FTC

POM Wonderful has gone on the attack against the FTC. One week after being sued by the commission for making false health claims, POM's Lynda Resnick says that the official who made the accusation has gone "crazy" on the issue and is a "zealot." "The whole food industry is being bullied by the FTC and FDA," she went on to say. Coinciding with this lambasting, POM has launched a new ad campaign, replacing the one that the FTC had objected to. Although it does not repeat the same claims, it comes up with another provocative angle--the implication that POM will improve your sex life. The ad above features Sonja Kinski, daughter of Nastassja, as a naked Eve tempted by a serpent with a pomegranate replacing the apple. This battle looks set to go on for quite a while. Stay tuned.

2) Sun Chips grounds it "noisier-than-a-jetfighter-cockpit" bags

I have written before about how above-and-beyond Sun Chips had gone to reinforce its green credentials. From its name to its manufacturing process, Sun Chips has definitely been paying more than lip service to the environment. Unfortunately, its boldest initiative has crash-landed--its fully compostable packaging which looked like it had the potential to transform consumer packaging, is going to be pulled off the market. The problem: noise pollution. The new packaging was so incredibly loud, it had been compared to the noise inside the cockpit of a jet fighter and had inspired its own Facebook page.


SunChips said...

Not to worry our 100% compostable bag is not going away. We're committed to renewable packaging solutions and will continue to use 100% compostable packaging on specially-marked Original flavor SunChips® snacks. In the meantime we're busy working on the next-generation bag that addresses consumer feedback, so stay tuned.

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