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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Economist Marketing Forum on Twitter

I'm attending The Economist Marketing Forum in San Francisco. And Twittering like crazy! You can follow my comments as well as others attending here. (martinjbishop on Twitter Search: #ecsf09) Speakers and agenda:

#1 The economic landscape: How to spot an upturn
Ward Hanson: Policy Forum Director, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
Michael Lehmann: Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of San Francisco
Martin Giles: Senior Business Correspondent, The Economist

#2 Brand management: Successful marketing in an economic downturn
Pam Kaufman: Chief Marketing Officer, Nickelodeon
Christine Petersen: Chief Marketing Officer, TripAdvisor
Sylvia Reynolds: Chief Marketing Officer, Wells Fargo

#3 Consumer behavior: New attitudes, new approaches
Mark Chmiel: Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Denny's
Bob Thacker: Senior Vice-President, Marketing and Advertising, OfficeMax

#4 Payback: How to optimize marketing dollars
Rory Finlay: Senior VP and CMO, Beam's Global Spirits & Wine
Angela Courtin: Senior VP, Entertainment and Content, MySpace
Maureen Lally: VP Americas Marketing, Trane

#5 Avoiding the looming crisis in brand value
John Gerzema: Chief Insights Officer, Young & Rubicam Group, author of The Brand Bubble

#6 Communicating to a global audience
Kevin 'KAL' Kallaugher: The Economist's political cartoonist on Kaltoons

#7 Responsibility unbound: Expanding the role of the corporation
Katherine Hagan: Marketing Director,Environmental Sustainability, Clorox
Matthew Heim: President, Nine Sigma
Christine Owens: Senior VP of Communications and Brand Management, UPS

#8 Emerging markets case study: The rewards of brand-building in developing economies
Glenn R Weckerlin: Global Director, Brand and Product Line Management, Chevron
Rajesh Subramaniam: Senior VP of International Marketing, FedEx
Russ Meyer: CSO, Landor

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