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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Economist Conference base camp

I'm attending the Seventh Annual Economist Marketing Forum for the next couple of days (Landor is the founding sponsor). This year's theme is: "Managing for the present, preparing for the future," focusing on the marketing challenge of dealing with today while keeping an eye on opportunities for tomorrow. As described on the forum's home page:

"Chief marketing officers have been hit with a double whammy in the current financial turbulence: the slowing economy is forcing most of them to become cost-cutters just at the time they are being asked by their CEOs to take more responsibility for building brands and increasing revenue. At the same time, media consumption habits are changing significantly, leading CMOs to struggle with how to build brands in the digital age. They need to use their marketing dollars more effectively, decide on the proper mix of online and offline spending, and learn to reach and engage customers in new ways that underline two-way dialogues rather than simply pushing out one-way marketing messages."
Some interesting speakers lined up including Mark Chmiel from Denny's who was the architect of the free Grand Slam giveaway which I thought was the best Superbowl ad/promotion this year and Zappo's Tony Hsieh, everyone's favorite socially-media-active CEO.

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