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Monday, November 10, 2008

Walmart already playing Christmas music

I'm actually late with this story. According to The Consumerist, Walmart started playing Xmas music on November 1st (in San Antonio, at least).

When I first came to the States, way back when, I loved the fact that Thanksgiving acted as an effective block against retailers moving the holiday season earlier and earlier. Some department stores back in the UK already had their Xmas decorations up in September.

But it seems that the mighty walls of Thanksgiving have fallen and now we have to depend on Halloween to hold the line.

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Anonymous said...

The Christmas Spirit is a great thing, but I know retail stores are using that Spirit for financial gain. Hey, the economy is insane right now. I can hardly blame them. I just hope someone remembers to celebrate THE REAL CHRISTMAS in the midst of struggling capitalism.

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