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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Amway is back

Did you even know that Amway had gone away? Almost 10 years ago, Amway ditched its name and became Quixtar, hoping to ride the dotcom wave and put some distance between itself and its questionable reputation as a multi-level marketing company. Now the company has decided to change back to Amway recognizing that the name switch was a mistake.

Lawrence Delevingne wrote an article about the name change in this week's edition of BusinessWeek which includes this quote from me: "They will always have reputation- management issues, no matter what the brand is."

See the whole article here:
Amway: Shining up a Tarnished Name: BusinessWeek


linkerjpatrick said...

Even when they were called Quixtar I was warning people it was really Amway is disquise. I think their repuation was tarnished a long time ago when they focused more on the so called, "network marketing" and not on their products.

It's been a long time but when the soap was their focus they were a lot more respectable. Now when I think of Amway I think of meetings I got suckered into attending because the person inviting me lied about what it was really about.

If you are interested in companies that do it right I suggest Avon or Pampered Chef. They also use network marketing to advertise but the products are the focus not an "opportunity to sell the product(s).

Dave said...

It's comical when these robots deny that amway and quixtar are the same, just that quixtar is online. Now that the company is going back to the amway name, that will fun. Some guys even lie and say that amway just supllies them and they really belong to some other organization. Some shyter once told me that he belongs to network 21 but works with amway.

I called BS. When I looked it up on the net, network 21 sells motivational crap to help people sell amway. What a bunch of liars.

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