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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What methadone has to do with brand architecture

What? Have I gone completely mad? Of course not. It was the client's fault.

So, I was on a conference call yesterday--with a client--and we were talking brand architecture and specifically we were talking about how best to bring an acquired brand into the company fold and fit it under the masterbrand umbrella. Did there need to be a transition plan? Some kind of dual-brand interim step. And, if so, how to execute?

That's when the client (once again, not me) brought up the methadone analogy. Was a transition plan not a bit like methadone, he wondered? A way to reduce dependence on the old brand, less painful than going cold turkey.

We had quite a time with this analogy. We talked about the dosage needed (how much of the old brand should be used in transition), we discussed the length of treatment and we finally thought about how the "patient" might choose a different course of treatment if he had to pay for it himself.

It worked for us.

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