"Being better is often more important than being different" ~ Brand Mix

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Being better is often more important than being different"

This quote comes from a recent post by David Taylor reporting on a speech given by Martin Glenn of Birds Eye Iglo, the frozen food business bought from Unilever by private equity group Permira.

The speech focused on getting back to basics and focusing on quality of execution, something he says is as important as brilliant strategy. He cites Tesco as an example: "Tesco did not re-invent the shopping experience," he says "They just did every bit of it better".

Of course, if you are better enough you are, in fact, different--the difference being one of degree rather than difference in kind (being uniquely different in what you offer). Where's that leave us? Execution is critical, great execution gives an edge and can establish a point of difference, finding something on top of that's unique (and relevant), all the better.

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