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Monday, July 7, 2008

Good enough to share: Back to work edition

Back from my vacation. One week in England where it didn't rain and one week in Chicago with the weather mostly in the 70s. Stranger than strange. While I've been away, lots of interesting stuff --a real challenge to pick the best five. More posts at the bottom of the page in "Martin's Shared Items:"

1) Gorillas, milk and airports: Part 2 on Cadbury's Comms: The brandgym blog
Cadbury's made my top 10 list of "memory lane" UK brands so let's start with a 2-parter from David Taylor about the interesting communication strategy that Cadbury has been adopted--TV for the gorillas (sizzle) and print for the product story (sausage).

2) Branding Desperately Needs to Rebrand Itself: Branding Strategy Insider
Mark Ritson worries about the fate of branding unless branders rebrand. "Who can save our profession?" he asks. I would but I'm a bit busy at the moment.

3) Starbucks: Everyone
Starbucks has announced that it's closing 600 stores creating a blogging frenzy. Is the end of coffee as we've known it for the last few years? Will people use their coffee $$ for gas? Stories here, here, here, here and here. From Jonathan Salem Baskin: "Short of handing its customers money, there's no way Starbucks can orchestrate a brand experience that enables people to buy $4 cups of coffee, no matter how brilliantly mixed or creatively presented, if they don’t have the money in their wallets."

4) Simpsons Brand-o-Rama 2: Fritinancy
The definitive list of fictitious brands from The Simpsons. In case you need to know. My favorite: J.R.R. Toykins (toy store in Springfield Mall)

5) Will sanctions on the paper trade stop Zimbabwe?: Marginal Revolution
Creative thinking: "The Munich-based company that has supplied Zimbabwe with the special blank sheets to print its increasingly worthless dollar caved in to pressure on Tuesday from the German government for it to stop doing business with the African ruler."

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