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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gap goes back to basics

Ah! The ebb and flow of brand extension. Right now, retail is ebbing.

As Lisa Everitt says in a BNET article: "Has the retail industry fallen out of love with the spin-off? Looks that way. Pier One Kids, Talbots Kids and Mens, and Bombay Kids are now history. All were launched in the early 2000s with talk of 'expanding customer loyalty to the brand' and all were buried this year with words like 'dilution of our core business.'"

Now Gap has announced that it's closing some GapKids, babyGap and GapBody stores and consolidating them into larger Gap stores. But wait there's more. It's also combining its major brands (Old Navy, Banana Republic and Gap) online so shoppers can buy from all of them all at once. Hopfully this ebb will stop before we see the equivalent of those National/Alamo green/blue buses or the KFC/Taco Bell restaurants.

Pick the Next Dead Retail Spin-Off: BNET

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