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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Diamonds just taste better

Sometimes, brilliance is staring you in the face. You just can't see it until you turn your head to one side.

This report from Maclean's discusses the launch of "Diamond Shreddies," an unusual line extension has helped re-energize this 67 year old, originally square, Canadian cereal brand.

Key quote: "One perplexed man wrote the Edmonton Journal: 'I am not usually the suspicious type, but don't the new Diamond Shreddies look like the original Shreddies just flipped on their side?'"

And here's some of the focus group research:

Congratulations to Ogilvy and Mather who were awarded the 2008 Grand Clio for "best integrated campaign" for this "diamond Shreddie" concept and the client, Kraft for being brave enough to trust that consumers would get the joke.

1) Diamond Shreddies website
2) Diamonds are a brand's best friend:

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