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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My ridiculous Subway experience

So, the other day I went into Subway for lunch. I was waiting in a long line facing a dilemma: 6 inches or 12 inches? 6 inches being too small requiring me to also order chips and a cookie that I don't really want but 12 inches being too much.

So, as I waited, I started wondering why it was I couldn't order 9 inches which is what I really want. And realized that that wouldn't work because Subway only makes 12 inch loaves so they can't offer a 9 inch option because no-one would want the other 3 inch bit and they'd have to throw it away.

But then, I thought, as the line came to a screeching halt as some idiot ordered food for the whole office, why couldn't they make 18 inch loaves? Then they could offer 6, 9 and 12 inch choices. And I'd be happy and go there more often. But then I noticed that the ovens that look like they are only designed to hold 12 inch loaves.

And that's what I was thinking when it was my turn to order. I went with the 12 inch Pastrami (no onions), ate the whole thing, felt uncomfortably full and decided the whole episode was bloggable. And then I found this.

Well, let me tell you Mr. Smarty-Pants deSoto, it's going to take more than something like that to stop me sharing my important sandwich experiences and insights with my readers. They need to know!


BIG said...

My true Subway story:

I asked for their ham/turkey salad. While ordering the onions I wanted I asked the girl behind the counter to also add pepperoni.

Sorry, this is the ham/turkey salad she said. I said oh, then just charge me extra. Sorry, we don't have that as an option she mumbled.

Really? You can't just charge me for an extra item? Nope, we don't have that salad she said loudly.

What if I just give you $3.00 (the salad was maybe $7.00) i asked?

Do you want the salad we make she said?

Yea...too bad Subway doesn't allow their employee's to think outside the bun huh?

Rick Liebling said...

The answer to your vexing conundrum is quite simple: Stop going to Subway and start going to Quiznos. In addition to simply having a better sub-style sandwhich, they offer it in three sizes which are roughly equivalent to 6", 9" and 12" sandwichs.

Problem sovled!

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