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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Virtual Book Tour #2: "Creativity Today"

The second Post2Post Virtual Book tour, where an author moves with their book from site to site over the period of a week, is now underway. This month's book is Creativity Today by new shoes today members: Ramon Vullings, Godelieve Spaas, and Igor Byttebier.

The tour stops are:
Think For A Change Paul R Williams (Mon, Feb 11)
ConnexionPastor Charles Whitmore (Tue, Feb 12)
Principled Innovation Blog Jeff De Cagna (Wed, Feb 13)
The Marketing Fresh Peel Chris Wilson (Thur, Feb 14)
Grassroots Innovation Greg Eisenbach (Fri, Feb 15)

For my interview with Seth Godin for last month's book: Meatball Sundae, link here.

1 comment:

Chris Wilson said...

Thanks for the plug Martin.

You'll definitely have to check out the 2nd part of my interview with Ramon, which focuses on marketing and branding.

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