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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Good enough to share: Week 6, 2008

Here's my weekly summary of some interesting and entertaining posts. A more comprehensive list: "Martin's Shared Items" is at the bottom of the page:

The Political Leanings of America's Anchors: Gawker
A recent Harris poll asked democrats and republicans to name their three most liked and disliked news personalities. Then charted the results to compare the different opinions. Not surprisingly, Fox news personalities scored well with republicans but not with democrats. But what has Kate Couric done to upset republicans?

Does the quality of blog comments deteriorate: Marginal Revolution
Tyler Cowen sets up an interesting experiment by suggesting that the best comments come in the first 15 and suggesting various reasons why that might be. You need to read the comments, especially those after the first 15, to really appreciate this post. My favorite, way down the list, was: "first."

Unhelpful police sketch of masked bank robber: Boing Boing
If you've seen this man, please contact the police in Bangkok.

TSA apologizes to "blogesphere" for arbitrary gadget screenings: Boing Boing
As shared here last week, the TSA has a blog and, already, they have listened to the public and changed one of their more arbitary policies. They've still got some way to go to find their voice, however.

Volkswagen van is 60 years old: Adland
Print ads that celebrate the 60th birthday of the famous van

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