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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good enough to share: Week 5, 2008

Here's my weekly summary of some interesting and entertaining posts. A more comprehensive list: "Martin's Shared Items" is at the bottom of the page:

The TSA has a blog: boing boing
Whether it will lead to any changes in the checkpoint "experience" remains to be seen but kudos to the TSA for at least giving people a place to let off steam and to take a positive step towards establishing a dialogue.

Corporate telephone: Tom Fishburne
Who, in a corporation, hasn't played this game?

Better than free: Seth Godin (reproducing a post from Kevin Kelly)
How to make something worth paying for when it can be acquired for free. Eight ways to create value.

When Grand Central stood still: Gawker
200 people suddenly freeze as they walk though Grand Central Station.

Starbucks and the "Aroma First" rule: Idea Sandbox
Paul Williams reprises a series of blogs that he and John Moore from Brand Autopsy wrote about how Starbucks could do to return to its core brand strengths

Great rooms all over the place: Grant McCracken
An interesting piece about the death of the dining room and the rise of open kitchens and "great rooms"


Richard Band said...

Really like your "good enough to share" links which seem randomly assembled, but at the same time always link back to stuff that is rattling around in my brain. I found a great cartoon on Tom Fishburne's blog that put the whole superbowl frenzy into perspective for me. Despite the bar being set so high for ads in the superbowl (media cost and consumer expectation), I always feel a little disappointed. Maybe it's because I'm a foreigner, but it seems that the hype is never justified and there's an inevitable sense of let down. This year, that felt more acute because the game was so good

Martin Bishop said...

Sometimes I feel like a foreigner here, sometimes not. (I've lived here on and off since 1987 and have dual citizenship). Right now, for example, I'm in Houston so I feel a bit more foreign than usual. But last night I went to the US/Mexico soccer match and felt much less foreign as me and about 10 other American fans cheered on the U.S. team amongst 70,000 Mexico supporters.

I agree that the ads were overall disappointing and the game, for sure and unusually, was more entertaining. I think that everyone's trying to outdo everyone else and they've lost track of the plot.

Best spot IMO: the Coke balloons spot (which was very American and probably wouldn't work in other markets)

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