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Friday, November 23, 2007

The marketer's holy grail

It's easy, as a brand manager, to get so sucked into day-to-day activities that the future is tomorrow morning or Monday first thing after a working weekend. The fog rolls in and you can't see much of anything ahead.

In that kind of environment, it's really important to have a good sense of direction to make sure that getting things done is getting you somewhere. That's where the concept of a holy grail can help. What's the distant, probably impossible goal that would be the ultimate expression of your brand? If there were no budget and technical constraints, where would you take your product? Setting this distant marker gives you a way to stay on course.

The holy grail idea is also a good way to test different brand positioning options. Thinking about the very long term implications of each positioning idea helps emphasize the differences between them, making the selection of the one that's the best fit that much easier.

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