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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brand architecture series: The what comes first dilemma

Positioning or architecture? For businesses that have a portfolio of brands or are in fast-growth mode, this can be an important consideration.

If the goal is to develop relevant and differentiated positioning, that's tough to do without knowing the range of products and services that will fall under the brand's umbrella. But how to figure out the optimal range for a brand without khowing what the brand stands for?

So, what's the solution? What seems to work the best is to look at brand architecture and positioning in parallel, at least initially. Sometimes there are compelling business, customer or competitive pressures that drive companies to a one brand solution and, in these cases, brand architecture will lead. Other times, the opportunities to credibly stretch a brand's positoning will be limited so this will drive the architecture.

What's needed is a chicken and egg approach.

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