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Monday, August 20, 2007


I was one of the unknown millions of Skype customers who lost service for two days last week following an outage caused by a software malfunction. I rely on Skype for calls at home because I don't have cell phone reception plus I was working from home that day so this outage was particularly inconvenient. It did make me wonder if it makes sense for me to rely on this service as much as I do.

The reaction from a company blog doesn't seem too reassuring: "We would like to point out that very few technologies or communications networks today are guaranteed to operate without interruptions".

Probably the company has enough goodwill and track record to get away with this once or maybe twice but not too many more times than that. In fact, because it is so low-priced, it may even have less permission to fail on service than its competitors because consumers will already have the expectation that the low price comes at the expense of reliability and quality.

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