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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fresh food at Walgreens. Delish?

On the one hand, now that I've seen that Walgreens is selling fresh food, my impression of the brand improves somewhat. On the other, I don't feel remotely inclined to buy fresh food at Walgreens.



Kameron Kitajima said...

My take, definately not.

I don't associate "fresh" with the Walgreens brand. I saw their new push for this "fresh" ready made food in their stores and the quality is not good. It's about the same as 7 Eleven. I think its more about convenience more than anything.

ralf said...

All Walgreens stores that I have visited have an unusual but instantly recognizable odor which really does not support the "fresh" concept. The odor is hard to describe, but it evokes images of a slightly dusty, papery stationery store with a slight artificial, sticky sweetness. The stores aren't "airy"/"breezy" enough to have credibility for deli products. The stores smell "old" and somewhat like an attic that is filled with rummage of every kind. The odor of "stale" pervades the place and this defies the image of "freshness".

Carol L. Weinfeld said...

This is an interesting extension of the brand, and follows Target on a smaller scale. I agree that it relates to convenience, as this writer suggests:

If Walgreens maintains the quality of the food, then it could sell it. The company should target shoppers who have limited time and need to buy a few products, instead of weekly groceries.

Martin Bishop said...

Great comments everyone. It seems like it's a battle between convenience (which Walgreens definitely has) vs. perception (where, at least at the moment), fresh food doesn't seem a good fit.

(I've actually tried the product. it's not bad. But it's not that great either.)

Victoria Miller said...

I was surprised when I saw it... impressed at the look of the signage and initial survey of the offerings. Second approach, the food didn't look as exciting (and choices were more limited), so I refrained from taste-testing. I will though... they have captured my curiosity, and I think like cold drinks, some fresh food items can be a healthy drop in and grab option for mobile urbanites.

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