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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun with bar codes

You might think that, by now, every millimeter of packaging would have been exploited for its design and communication potential. But you'd be wrong--new opportunities still emerge. In this case, it's the barcode, described by the Wall Street Journal as "the style runt of product labeling" which is getting a creative makeover.

Perhaps it's been left alone all this time because manufacturers (or retailers) worried that messing around with them would affect their readability. But, if those were the fears, it seems like they are now being put to one side. I love the Juicy Juice execution from my old colleagues in the Nestlé Beverage Division. And there's more examples shown both in the WSJ and this post by John Moore.

Update: Even more examples at Bar Code Revolution. Design Barcode Inc. has been responsible for many of new fun bar codes and their work was recognized by a Titanium Lion at Cannes in 2006.

2 comments: said...

really nice idea, creativity and Innovation are infinite. Is not just do it, is do it very well, thanks.

Ethan Mudgett said...

We often find black and white barcode lines in most product packaging designs, which is a bit dull, if you ask me. Adding a bit of creativity to these plain vertical lines can certainly make them more memorable and eye-catching to consumers.

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