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Friday, April 1, 2011

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

Dairy Cow With Problems (via Awkward Stock Photos)
So, nine times out of ten, while I write a blog post, I'll open up Flickr and see what Creative Commons photograph I can use to illustrate it with. But how about the other way around? How about starting with the photo?

@fritinancy pointed me towards this great new site: Awkward Stock Photos which has the most delightful and supposedly unusable stock photos--a great source of photographs to test my new approach.

Here we have, as you can see, a cow stuck on a fence so my first thought is the post will have to be about the dangers of sitting on the fence and not making a decision one way or another. Perhaps I could write a post about the dangers of compromise solutions that try and please everyone but which are udderly ineffective?

I actually have a brand architecture project right now which might fall in this category--half of the people want a house of brands solution where they keep their focused brands, the other half want to adopt a branded house solution with just one brand to save money and consolidate their efforts. But in this case, I think that an endorsement approach might actually be a viable option so what I need is a "cake and eat it too" picture and definitely not this cow on the fence one. Can someone find me one of those, please?


Steve said...

Martin - I love this approach. The creative process works best when curveballs like this are thrown our way. Starting with the photo is fantastic. I plan to borrow (steal) your idea the next time I find myself in need of inspriration for my blog.

Martin Bishop said...

Thanks, Steve. Maybe we should start a little blog competition, throwing up a picture and then seeing who comes up with the best post? Open to all.

Meredith Allen said...

Yes, they do want it all. And no one seems happy the compromise, an endorsement approach. We'll just have to see where this nets out.

As for the picture, how about this:

kids flip flops said...

Ow..poor cow.Hope someone had passed by to help him.

plumbing said...

That is what is good when we take pictures. We see the importance of every creation. Its value and its story.

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