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Saturday, January 15, 2011

SOTB: Is nothing sacred edition?

astronomical clock by mararie (Flickr)
There are some things that should not be subject to the scrutiny of science or comedy. Things like the signs of the zodiac, the importance of design and advertising, and Ken being unbeatable on Jeopardy.

1) Your Zodiac Sign May Have Changed: Gawker
Astronomers have some cheek These so-called scientists peer through their big old telescopes in the middle of the night and think that gives them the right to kill off planets (Pluto) and mess up the whole astrological map. I was a Scorpio and now these people want to turn me into a Virgo. I think not. How dare they recalculate the dates of each sign to accommodate the shifts in the Earth's axis since the original Babylonian calculations. It's an outrage.

2) Things real people don't say about advertising: Bill Israel
This isn't funny:

Nor is this:
3) Logoland: Why consumers balk at companies’ efforts to rebrand themselves: The Economist
And while we're on the subject, what's with all these companies thinking that they have the right to change the logos we know and love? The Economist explores.

4) Pink Ponies: A Case Study John St.
Here's another thing that's just too important to be taken lightly:

5) IBM's Watson Computer Wallops 'Jeopardy!' Champs in Trial Run: Fox61 Chattanooga
Luckily this was only a practice round. But, Ken, you better your act together for the real thing. You cannot be beaten. Warning: This video of Ken being humiliated by the computer is difficult to watch.

6) Elizabeth Hughes, 8 years old, National Anthem, Norfolk Admirals Game, Scope Arena
Finally, something uplifting (really). She's a great singer but what makes this video great is what happens when her mike stops working towards the end. The first thing you hear is a woman laughing. She picked the wrong lane. What happens next is that you hear the crowd collectively deciding that "no" this isn't going to end badly and they all join in and help her finish the song. Fantastic. (Reminds me a bit of this.)

That's it! Back soon with more stories from the world of brand strategy and vaguely related topics next week.  More thoughts and comments also available on Twitter (@martinjbishop).


Dennis Moons said...

Nice link round up. Had to lol with that case study :D

will novosedlik said...

I was in the audience when "Pink Ponies" was shown. Just so you know, the event was Strategy Magazine's Agency of the Year Awards, and John St. was in the running. This was meant for ad folks.

To my knowledge, no 8 year-old girls were harmed in the making OR viewing of the video.

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