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Saturday, November 13, 2010

SOTB: Guess the brand edition

Pop quiz week:

Question One: Can you match any of these numbers to their brands?
Some numbers are specifically associated with products and brands (like 7-Up). How many can you get?

19, 409, 57, 45, 31, 8, 9, 501, 1, 0, 5, 2, 6, 33, 76, 20, 40, 3, 711

Answers at @issue: (via Fritinancy who has three other non-brand quizzes on her post if you're not all quizzed out by the end of this post.)

Question Two: Which brand came up with an idea that I thought was just brilliant this week?

Homer Simpson Stamp by Mt T in DC on Flickr
OK. You could have had ten thousand guesses and I'm pretty sure you'd never have come up with the United States Postal Service. I'm no big fan. Still, credit where credit's due. USPS is planning to test pre-stamped greeting cards that could be bought at Papyrus, drug stores etc. That's a great idea and could mean I might, just might, buy snail mail cards instead of sending e-cards once in a while. However, perhaps more true to form, there are already signs that it's going to screw this idea up. First of all, it's planning to test the idea for 2 years (and not start in time for these holidays) and it's also going to levy a 48 cent surcharge.

Question Three: Can you draw well-known brand logos from memory?

Austrian art-technology group Monochrom wanted to test the power of brands by seeing whether people could draw any of them from memory. I'm not sure I buy the premise but it's fun to look at the results. (via brandflakesforbreakfast)

Question Four: How many NASCAR Winston Cup tires are equivalent to the weight of an Airbus A380?

According to WeirdConverter, the answer is 26,532. Which seems low to me. This converter created by AVS to promote their video converter tool. (Also from brandflakesfor breakfast)

Question Five: Which brand took the worst hit after one of the Rolls Royce engines of an Airbus A380 operated by Qantas exploded in-flight?

And while we're on the topic of the A380 what about that engine blow-out? From two HBR reports, it looks like Qantas has suffered more than either Rolls Royce or Airbus. Leslie Gaines-Ross talks about how Qantas' reputation has been damaged even though the plane landed safely and the company was pretty fast to react. Stefan Stern talks about the same incident from the Rolls Royce perspective noting that, although it was slower to say anything, it took the time to get all the facts straight and that helped rebuild trust.

Question Six: Which brand did GM kill this week?

Is there no end to this brand carnage at GM? This week, it was Mr. Goodwrench who got the pink slip.

That's it! Back soon with more stories from the world of brand strategy. More thoughts and comments also available on Twitter (@martinjbishop).


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