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Saturday, October 30, 2010

SOTB: Halloween Edition

Carving credited to Ray Villafane, an artist in Michigan
It's Halloween, all scary, orange and sugary:

1) Zombie Reports via @LenKendall
First off, it's important to keep tabs on where all the zombies are. This useful site keeps you up-to-date on sightings, places under attack and deaths. Plan accordingly.

2) The Sears Zombie site

One more sighting--zombies on the prowl in Sears. If you are already a Zombie, click on this link that translates everything into Zombian for you. The "Fitness for Zombies" video will also be of interest because, as it points out, "It's not uncommon to feel a little stiff after becoming undead."

3) 'Stranger Danger' and the Decline of Halloween: Wall Street Journal
Of course, we all know that zombies aren't the problem--it's our neighbors and all the horrible things that they're planning to do to our trick-or-treating kids that we need to worry about. Here's a remarkable fact from the WSJ: "No child has ever been killed by poisoned candy. Ever." Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids, uses the pervasive myth of poisoned candy as a jumping-off point to explore other ways kids childhoods are being taken from them by fearful parents.

4) A Not So Scary Halloween: The Keyhole
Not scary for retailers perhaps since they are benefiting from more consumer confidence and the fact that Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. But scary enough when you read that Jersey Shore characters are the #1 costume choice of the year. What a situation!

5) Ridiculously big pumpkins and what you can do with them
First of all, if you ever wondered about the science of growing really huge pumpkins, Wired Science has all the answers here. The big 'uns can put on 50 lbs a day and The New York Botanical Garden, is predicting that a 2,000-pound pumpkin could be grown soon. (The record is just a measly 1,800 lbs right now.) But, more important, is to know what do you do with such a big pumpkin once you've grown it. Here's one idea (via @GeorgeKrautzel):

6) Beards, Wigs and Panda Heads: It’s Giants Baseball: The New York Times

Great Pumpkin Sighting by chucknado
Finally, I can't let this week pass without some mention of the San Francisco Giants who ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES. The team's orange and black colors are perfect for this Halloween time of year and the eccentric personalities of the team are a perfect fit for the city. They should be in the World Series every year, I think. Go Giants! Fear the Beard!

That's it! Back soon with more stories from the world of brand strategy. More thoughts and comments also available on Twitter (@martinjbishop).

PS: This new editor on Blogger is driving me crazy--it keeps on changing all my line spacing. Maybe time for a change?

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