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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Six of the Best: Your questions answered edition

You have questions. We have answers. Especially if your questions are a little odd.

1) Google's Top 10 Questions: GawkerIf you type in: "Why is" on the Google Search page, it will give you some helpful suggestions. Gawker did this and then, even more helpfully, provided some answers. For example: "Why is yawning contagious? Answer: "It's because you are lame, your stories aren't very amusing, and no one wants to be around you..."

2) people actually searched for this: brandflakesforbreakfast

Along the same lines, SEO LOL chronicles all the "ridiculous, stupid, or hilarious things that people search for?" From this "best of" list: "Nigerian investment opportunities" and "Star Trek Costume Xxxl"

3) thought of the day: unattainable (via designismine)
"let's focus on the unattainable," a new ink & watercolor work by Marc Johns.

4) Sounds like work: Indexed

Something to bear in mind the next time you are reading (or writing) your next B2B presentation or sales piece.

5) KNVB Supporter Shirt: Bas & Dan (via Phil Sykes)

Got to have at least one World Cup-themed reference as the kick-off gets closer and closer. For the uninitiated: "A lot of football players celebrate by pulling the shirt over their heads" (when they score a goal). So, the heads of the popular players from of the Dutch national football team were printed on the inside of these supporter shorts. Genius!

6) Marks & Spencer 125 Years Anniversary Packaging: the dieline (via Meredith Allen)

Ah! I remember their opening day so well! To celebrate the 125th anniversary, Marks & Sparks has launched a retro-style design scheme. Some designs, like the jams and fruit jellies, are from the archives. Others are "inspired by." The dieline shows part of the huge collection.

That's it! Off to Paris and Dublin next week to catch some World Cup fever (and do some work). Back after that with more stories from the world of brand strategy. More thoughts and comments also available on Twitter (@martinjbishop).


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I actually tried that suggestion

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