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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meme of the week: #monsterrevenge

It's only Wednesday but I think we have already have a MOTW winner (and the story will be completely irrelevant by Friday anyway).

OK. Here's the story as far as I can piece it together (with translations for the uninitiated).

Lady Gaga's Little Monsters (fans) had succeeded in making #alejandro (a hashtag reference to one of her songs) a Twitter trending topic. Then Twitter decided to remove this hashtag. Why? Who knows.

Anyway, that sent the Little Monsters into a frenzy so they came up with another tag, #monsterrevenge to replace #alejandro and managed to get that new hashtag to be the #1 trending topic for a while. And, very importantly, trending higher than the hated (by them) Justin Bieber.

Tweets from the storm:

RT @BeccaGaga: night #LITTLEMONSTER s and twitterers ;) #MonsterRevenge won in the end!!

RT @carolmbat: WE RULE TWITTER! #Alejandro and #MonsterRevenge IN THE SAME DAY! YAAAAAY

RT @GagaCity: there's nothing more frightening than an army of pissed-off Lady Gaga fans #monsterrevenge

@MonsterChelsko: Twitter must be in hiding after killing off #Alejandro because they're afraid of our #MonsterRevenge ;D

And the all important one from the very media savvy Lady Gaga herself:

RT @ladygaga: #monsterrevenge too?? You're on fire today! I'm really gonna kick some ass in rehearsal now, got u in my heart through every move + breath

Now that's loyalty marketing for you.

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