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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brand Bowl 2010: A handy guide to watching the game

It's here again. Your chance to watch, rate and discuss the super and the not-so-super c.$3 million ads presented in a 3/4 hour show in between some boring football bits. (I wouldn't be saying that if the 49ers were playing, or even the Raiders, but both teams are still mired in failure.) Here's a handy guide to watching (either) game:

1) Brand Bowl 2010: As reported by Mashable, Brand Bowl 2010 is a: "New Super Bowl advertiser tracking site from Mullen and Radian 6 — offers near real-time analysis for an immediate look at pre-, post- and in-game Twitter reactions to the Super Bowl spots everyone will be watching." Pre-game buzz leaders are: Focus on Family, US Census Bureau and Paramount (for the eagerly-anticipated The Last Airbender spot).

2) Adweek Media Super Bowl XLIV: Top creatives will be chatting live during the Super Bowl giving their thumbs up or down as the ads are aired. In addition to this creative, critical chat, the site has news, blogs and commentary as well as Sneak Peeks of the ads themselves. As the ads are aired, AdWeek will start putting them up on the site. Meanwhile if you want to take another look at some of the best Super Bowl ads of the naughties, The Duffy Agency has put together its list.

3) YouTube adblitz: Commercials will also be uploaded as they air on this YouTube channel. Until then, there's pre-game coverage and party recipes.

4) Betting on the SuperBowl: An interesting perspective and analysis from The Keyhole. Its 8th Annual Super Bowl Engagement Survey is designed to: "Predictively measure viewers’ true reactions to brands within the context of the medium." The brands with the best fit, according to the survey, are: Coors, Hyundai, Diamond Foods (Pop Secret), Viacom's Iron Man II. Worst fit: Doctor Pepper Cherry.

If you insist on watching the football, here are some sites that may make that experience more enjoyable:

5) NFL XLIV Super Bowl site: Of course, you could always go to the official site and check out what's going on there. It has news, tweets, photos and you can watch the game online too. (#SB44 is the official Super Bowl tag for Twitter fans.)

6) 8 social media resources for Super Bowl: Mashable created its own list of social media resources. Its list includes: AOL’s FanHouse Super Bowl page is a great resource for Super Bowl news, as are the NFL pages from ESPN, Yahoo, Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated, and CBS


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