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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As Copenhagen starts, Brazil flies the green flag

Photo: Brasil, meu Brasil brasileiro... by Andrea Fregnani (Flickr)

Maybe it's because their economy is doing better than almost everyone else's this year. Maybe it's because they are worried about the destruction of their Amazon forest. Whatever the reason, Brazilians stand out for their concern about the environment and their commitment to buying green products.

The 2009 ImagePower Green Brands Global Survey shows Brazilians: Most concerned that the environment is "on the wrong track," most concerned about the environment vs. the economy and most intending to spend more on green products next year. The next two countries on the list? In terms of commitment to purchase green products it's China and India. Lagging behind: The UK, Germany and the U.S.

Is this a hopeful sign? We citizens of the developed have such ingrained bad green habits and it's taking us a long time to break them. The survey suggests that perhaps citizens of developing nations will not follow our poor example but will, instead, choose a greener path.

For more information about the study, there's a podcast and pdf available on (here).

Source: The ImagePower Green Brands Global Survey is put together by Cohn & Wolfe, Landor Associates, and Penn, Schoen & Berland to survey consumers on their perceptions of the rapidly evolving "green" space. This year's Green Brands Survey is the largest yet: Over 5,000 people in seven countries participated. This year Esty Environmental Partners, a corporate environmental strategy consulting firm, helped develop the survey.


Anonymous said...
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denise lee yohn said...

i find these results ironic given that when i last visited rio de janeiro, i was repulsed by how filthy the beaches were -- there was trash everywhere and all of it was getting swept into the ocean -- granted this was over 10 years ago, but i haven't heard about any major improvements -- i would be interested to know how many brazilians are actually engaged in environmentally-responsible behavior like recycling and proper disposal of waste -- a measure of behaviors might prove a needed balance to attitudes/concerns

Martin Bishop said...

I've not been to Rio so I don't have any idea whether it's cleaned up its act since you were there. (Hosting the Olympics may be a catalyst towards it becoming a cleaner city in the future.)

I agree that a measure of behaviors would be a useful balance to these attitudinal survey results. Thinking green thoughts is nice. Picking up some trash and recycling is better.

willson said...
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willson said...
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