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Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Pumpkin time again

A Brand Mix Classic (!) first published on October 22nd, 2007. (My photo)

There was a time when most fruit and vegetables really were seasonal. Back in the UK, strawberries were only around for a few weeks around Wimbledon, raspberries just for a few weeks after that. It was sort of exciting and special when they showed up.

Now, most things are available year round. I don't think there's every a time when I can't buy strawberries in my local supermarket, for example. It's not so special anymore - they've become a commodity and, like other commodities, something to be bought when the price is right.

But pumpkins are still seasonal. So strongly associated with Halloween and so not something you want to eat everyday they remain locked in their October slot. Special enough that we even spend a day going out to the fields to find the perfect one.

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