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Friday, June 5, 2009

SOTB: Video edition (remix)

An all-video edition of Six of the Best this week:

1) "Rap Chop" featuring Vince (Steve Porter's Slap Chop remix): djsteveporter
Just an incredible infomercial remix. As one comments says: "Quite frankly, I think Steve just won the internet."

Via: Ben Kunz and, before that, Todd Sanders

2) Burger King's Home Shopping Parody Works To Break Clutter: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
And while we're exploring this infomercial/home shopping world, how about this well-executed parody for Burger King?

Via: Brand New Day

3) Filet-O-Fish Rap - Mikey And Big Bob HD: MorningFreakShow
An awesome fanmercial. I'm sure McDonalds is lovin' it.

via Darryl Ohrt

4) Röyksopp - Remind me: rodandroll
As Olivier says: "Brilliant, cool, and so well done." A little depressing as well? A day in the life of a woman working in the London's Square Mile told solely through infographics.

via: Olivier Blanchard

5) Mad Avenue Blues: LMcDuff08
Sung to Don McLean's "American Pie", this 19 stanza (9-minuted) song, according to the YouTube details, was written and produced in just one day. More incredible stuff.

via: Ben Kunz

6) David Lynch Vacation videos: The Interview Project
In his own words: "Interview Project is a road trip where people have been found and interviewed. People should watch Interview Project because they are going to meet hundreds of people." People like Jess.

That's it! See you here on the blog or on Twitter (@martinjbishop) for more stories from the world of brand strategy.


Denise Lee Yohn said...

these are great, martin -- thanks for sharing -- the mad ave blues is just so good!

Todd said...

Thanks for the mention, I knew that Ben Kunz would prove useful one day. :)

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