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Monday, June 15, 2009

Only in Fairfax

It was the 32nd Annual Fairfax Festival this past weekend. The Festival kicked off with the "Only in Fairfax" parade. "Only in Fairfax" is the adopted shorthand for a town that prides itself on an independent, quirky spirit. Fairfax is sometimes known as Mayberry on Acid (as in this short film which won the audience prize at the 2007 Fairfax Film Festival) --a family town that celebrates the unconventional.

Like any effective shorthand, "Only in Fairfax" captures the heart of the town and serves as a filter for what is/is not Fairfax. Businesses in town have used the shorthand to inform their initiatives (like the Fairfax 5 theatre, the first (and only) solar-powered multiplex). Newcomers like me get directed to the right state of mind.

Here are five photos from the parade representing my best shot(s) at capturing the Fairfax spirit:

The vintage fire truck works its way up Bolinas Ave

Banjo, "A's" shirt, Big beard

Tie-dyed T-shirt, helmet-wearing mountain biker

The Marin Sanitary Services dance group

California, of course

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