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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OMG. The dead have risen!

For those that experienced technical difficulties, it was a bust. But for those of us that got in early enough, the CNN/Facebook partnership was a great success, showing the power of this media combination. Live coverage (without commentary) plus a Facebook feed of comments from everyone or just your friends.

The comments captured the genuine emotion of the occasion as well as some gems including the headline of this post which was the reaction of someone when Joseph Lowery stood up to offer the benediction. Coming soon after Obama's uplifting speech, the timing was perfect.

Update: More commentary on this partnership here and here. I think we not only witnessed a historic inauguration today but also a historic day for media. Although live posts and comments on TV programs have been done before, today's connection between CNN and Facebook was so seamless and simple that it heralds the dawn of a new way of watching what used to be called TV. Will the networks embrace this or drag their heels?

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