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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why this is a great WaMu ad under the circumstances

The copy reads: “WaMu has a bright new future, thanks to the stability of JPMorgan Chase (and their nearly trillion dollars in customer deposits). But Chase brings more than money to the party: together we have 14,300 ATMs and 5,400 branches nationwide, a quarter of a million employees, and the confidence of banking with over 100 million other customers.”

Given the current climate, this ad seems like the perfect way to “sell” the unexpected union between Chase and WaMu to WaMu customers, combining a message of security and convenience. This kind of approach may have a “sell-by” date after which WaMu customers might start thinking again about all the reasons they used to like their bank and wouldn’t want to be part of Chase. But, at this particular moment of financial uncertainty, it really works and is executed in a way that's completely "on-brand" for WaMu. (It's also helpful that Chase's trillion dollars are more than the bailout's 700 billion, a number that everyone is now all too familiar with.)

(via: The Financial Brand)


Jeffry Pilcher said...

Good point about the $1 trillion eclipsing the $700 billion.

The ad was a full page-width wide (12" or so), so it was a big square.

I'm guessing WaMu has print media commitments, so it's just using what they've already paid for.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, this is just a tad bit pathetic..... silvertooth26

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