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Monday, October 20, 2008

Peace and Love and Ringo out

If you ever wanted Ringo Starr's autograph, sorry, you're too late. He told his fans via his website that he no longer has time to deal with their requests.

"This is a serious message to everybody watching my update. Peace and love. Peace and love. I want to tell you after the 20th of October please do not send fan mail to any address you have. Nothing will be signed after the 20th of October. If that is the date on the envelope, it's gonna be tossed. I'm warning you with peace and love I have too much to do. So no more fan mail. Thank you, thank you. And no objects to be signed. Nothing. Anyway, peace and love, peace and love."

I still had this somewhat disturbing video lodged in the back of my mind when I read David Armano's article in AdvertisingAge: Innovation vs. Litigation--Why Brands and Social Media Have a Legal Challenge.

In an article that talks about the difficulty that companies can have getting past their legal departments when they want to participate in social networks, David describes how different social media is compared other marketing activities including interactive marketing: "For starters, it's social, which means it's people-to-people, not technology to people. Secondly, you can't walk away that easily from social initiatives the way you can walk away from that microsite and banner campaign you just launched. (Well you could--but I wouldn't recommend it.)"

In other words, once you're in, you're in. Unless you want to end up sounding like Ringo.

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