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Thursday, October 16, 2008

5 Reasons why now is the perfect time to buy a Hummer

There's no point, in times like these, just following the crowd. You've got to be one step ahead of everyone else and, Gretsky-like, go to where the puck is going. So, while everyone else is thinking about dumping their gas-guzzling SUV monsters and signing up on the waiting list for a Volt or a bus pass, you should be heading to your nearest Hummer dealership. Because:

1) Gas prices are tumbling: With the economy heading for the rocks, gas prices are in freefall. Back in July the U.S. national average hit a record of $4.11. Now prices are under $3.50 and, at this rate, they will be under $3.00 very soon and heading back to $2.00 not long after that. (See chart)

2) There's tumbleweed in the showrooms: A friend of mine visited a Land Rover dealership a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning, normally a peak time. In the three hours he was there buying his vehicle not one single other person even poked their head in the door. That may not last for much longer.

3) Of course, great deals: Edmunds.com, the automotive site, says that incentives for large trucks and SUVs hit a record $5,953 per unit in August. These models were always the most profitable for the automakers so there's more room for them to go deep with their discounts.

4) Peace of mind in these hard times: Why keep your money in the stock market? You're only going to give yourself an ulcer watching the market go up 900 points one day and down 800 the next. You may as well cash in. Plus, if things get really tough and marauding crowds are roaming the streets, a Hummer will give you some necessary protection.

5) Something to tell your grandkids about: In 30 years time, when your kids have had kids and your role is to buy candy and otherwise undermine all the rules in the house, you can sit your grandkids on your knee and show them faded, color pictures of times of yore when people drove round in tank-like vehicles just because they could. Your grandkids will be open-eyed in amazement and it'll give them something to tell their virtual school friends.

1) Incentives luring buyers back to pickups, SUVs: MSNBC

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