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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Safeway's to pitch its O Organics brand to competitors

Sitting in front of surly buyers trying to persuade them, sometimes plead with them, to put our shiny new, great top-two box scoring products into distribution was not the favorite part of my job as a brand manager.

The worst such experience--four of us sitting cramped in the Wal-Mart sales cell block (those that have been there will know I'm not exaggerating) waiting for a buyer who stormed in late demanding immediately: "Whattya got?"

I don't remember a later trip to Pleasanton pitching something at the Safeway headquarters being that much better. So what I would give to be a fly on the wall at the upcoming pitches that Safeway itself will be making to other retailers trying to get them to take on its O Organics line. James White who is leading this initiative must be made of some strong stuff to be attempting such an extraordinary, high level of difficulty initiative.

It's not entirely without precedent. As the comments to this Retail Wire article point out, Loblaw's had some success with President's Choice, and A&M succeeded with Eight O'Clock coffee. But these days, retailers are generally trying to build up their exclusive brands rather than peddle them to others.

1) Competitors to sell Safeway brands: Retail Wire


BIG Kahuna said...

Which is why I never deal with a purchasing person!

What a miserable job being a buyer is.

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