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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hertz playing with fire

There's something that's pissed me off about renting a car for so long that I've almost run out of supplies of, well whatever, to be upset about it anymore.

That's the: we'll-charge-an-extra-$3 plus/gallon-for-gas-if-you-don't-drive-miles-out-of-your-way-to-fill-up-at-a-gas-station-that-mysteriously-never-seem-to-be-anywhere-near-an-airport-(except-in-Denver) policy aka (by me at least) as egregious customer abuse.

So I had a sudden rush of euphoria when I read the following headline in my Hertz newsletter: "Save Time--Don't Stop for Gas." Could it be that this putrid policy was going to be abandoned? Could it be that finally one company had realized that whatever profits they make from this activity wasn't worth the cost in terms of customer disatisfaction?

As I read the copy, my hopes were being confirmed: "Now Hertz offers pump prices on gas when you return your car. No more leaving early to try to find a gas station on the way back to the airport. No more worrying about filling up before you return your car. We'll charge you the going rate per gallon in the area....."

Oh my god, they really were going to do this. I'm going to be a loyal Hertz customer forever....

"... plus a flat refueling fee. It's that simple."

I actually missed that little bit the first time around. Turns out the "refuelling fee" is $6.99 so if you drive less than (roughly) 60 miles you will actually pay more than you did before. Nice.

I feel inclined to find a pair of scissors and cut up my gold card into little pieces. But I'm going to resist such a dramatic gesture. Partly because it's company policy that we have to rent Hertz and partly because I think this is the thin end of the get-rid-of-this-charge wedge. Surely we must see promotions in the future where the refuelling fee is waived?

I'll wait to see, scissors at the ready.

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